1. Free medical check-up in our primary health care center. The doctors are available in Sub-District Hospital, Nilanga.
  2. A compulsory period for games. A hugh play ground available for Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Dodge ball, Shot-put, the javelin, High-jump, Long-jump etc.
  3. A compulsory hour for yoga pranayam and karate. Teachers available for teaching.
  4. Facility provided to learn music, dance and table tennis.
  5. Opportunity to pursue B. A. & B.Com.
  6. Nursery to primary schools are available for practice lessons.
  7. All study material required for lessons available.
  8. Well equipped library.
  9. Boards available for micro teaching and hand writing practice.
  10. Independent science laboratory.
  11. Independent painting Gallery.
  12. Independent workshop.
  13. Psychological laboratory.